How Many Wedding Attendants Should You Have

When it’s time to hand out the wedding day assignments, picking the right number of attendants may seem to be the biggest issue you’ll face. While you want to make sure no one feels left out, you also don’t want more people standing in your wedding party than sitting in the seats observing! You also have to consider who you want to have close by for support throughout the wedding planning process and on your big day. Traditionally, groomsmen and bridesmaids help out with much of the planning and details before your wedding, so you can plan on spending a lot of time with them. In addition, these are also going to be the people in all your wedding photos – so make sure you’ll be ok with that for years to come!

Consider the following guidelines for choosing the right number of people to serve as wedding attendants:

Small, Intimate Ceremony

If you ceremony is going to be small, with just family and a few friends, you probably don’t need twenty people standing in your wedding party. This is especially true if you’ll have less than fifty guests attending your ceremony. In this case, most people choose to have just a best man and maid of honor, although you could add one more person on each side, if needed.

Mid-Sized Ceremony

If plan to have 50-200 guests at your ceremony, you can choose from one to six bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand on either side of your wedding party. Obviously, this number should increase depending on the number of guests. In most cases, you can use the groomsmen as ushers as well – just keep in mind that you’ll want at least one usher for every fifty people attending your wedding.

Formal Wedding Ceremony

If expect to invite more than 200 guests to your wedding ceremony, you’ll want to recruit at least six to ten groomsmen and bridesmaids for your wedding party. You can also opt to have at least one flower girl and ring bearer for this type of event. You may also want to have ushers that are not the groomsmen, as an event this size can be very busy. For a wedding this size, you’ll likely need extra help from friends and family as well to ensure everyone is in the correct place and knows the correct times to complete their part in the wedding ceremony.

Whichever wedding party size you choose, make sure you consider the stress and financial impact this choice can have. A large wedding party will cost more and takes much more time to organize. On the other hand, feelings can be easily hurt if you’re hosting a large ceremony, as not everyone will be able to participate in the service. If your family is very large, you’ll likely have brothers, sisters, and even cousins that will want to participate. Make sure anyone you choose is willing to help out and attend all practices – organizing a wedding party of ten or more people can be very stressful if people aren’t available for every rehearsal. Whatever size your wedding party is, be sure to follow these guidelines so that the event goes off without a hitch.

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