Save Money with a Las Vegas Wedding

For most people, the words “Las Vegas Wedding” conjure up images of eloping couples speeding through the desert to get married without anyone knowing, or weddings that aren’t even remembered until a sobering realization the next morning. However, these two scenarios are simply unfortunate stereotypes. Las Vegas is actually a great city to be married in and can provide a terrific backdrop for your wedding.

When you start planning ahead for your Las Vegas wedding, you may be surprised by the many perks this city offers. You can even save money on a wedding in this big-spender city – but only if you know what you’re looking for. The following are a few tips to help you throw a fabulous wedding event, for much less money than you might expect.

Plan Ahead – While many people do go to Las Vegas at the last minute to marry, it’s best to plan ahead. In fact, you can see significant savings in both lodging and travel costs with just a couple of weeks advance notice.

Vacation Packages – Las Vegas is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the United States, and you can find many vacation packages that offer either free airfare or lodging if you book through a certain business. Most of these packages are for three nights stay or more, so you’ll have a chance to stay and explore the city after the main event. You can also find plenty of travel sites online that offer Las Vegas wedding packages at a reduced rate.

Weekday Weddings – Most of the wedding chapels in Las Vegas offer lower rates during the week. Avoid the holidays as well if you want to get a hold of the lowest rates.

A La Carte Weddings – Most Las Vegas wedding chapels offer complete wedding services, including photography, flower arrangements, gift sets, and videography. However, these packages can run many times more than a basic wedding service. Choose just the chapel rental and pass on the extras they try to sell you. However, if you’re thinking about bringing in your own flowers or having a friend to take the pictures, make sure you check with the chapel first. Many do not allow flowers to be brought in or any outside cameras or video equipment.

Rent Your Gown – Many wedding chapels have either their own rental centers or access to other rental centers that can offer you a great selection of both wedding gowns and men’s tuxedos. You may be surprised to find out how much money you can save by renting instead of buying your wedding attire.

Transportation – You’ll be happy to find out that most wedding chapels offer transportation to and from the marriage bureau to pick up your marriage license. Some will also offer transportation to and from your hotel for your wedding ceremony. You may even find those that offer limousine service for a reasonable fee – just remember to include a tip for the driver in your budget.

A Las Vegas wedding can be a unique, beautiful experience – which is especially true for those on a budget. The above tips will help you to have a wonderful wedding without breaking the bank on your big day. Just remember – the money spent on your wedding won’t affect how happy your married life will be. Make the best choice for you and your partner and you’ll find you’re as happy in Las Vegas as you would be in any other wedding venue around the world.

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