Your Overall Wedding Budget

Budgeting Your Wedding

Your wedding day. Most women have been fantasizing about it since they were little girls and ironically enough most men have been preparing to pay for one since their daughters were little girls. None the less a wedding can be a wonderful but also expensive day. The best bet for anyone who is looking to save money during the process should introduce a wedding budget into the planning.

A budget will not only help save the person making the investment more money but it can also help keep frivolous spending at bay. This leaves room for higher bidding where it is most important or it can leave a bigger savings possible at the end of the event.

There are a few rules of thumb involved in the process of budgeting. Keep your mind and eyes on the prize and the rules will be easy to follow.

Firstly, you will need to make the decision as to who is to be paying for the wedding. Traditionally the brides parents wold pay for the entire wedding but today that is more of a tale than a full truth. If it is true for your wedding then you will skip straight to the budget, if not, now is the time to figure out who will be paying, who you will be asking for help, and who will be splitting with who.

Once the payment arrangements are made it is budget time. The general line-up for a budget is pretty simple but you may want to adjust it slightly according to your specific demands.

The wedding ceremony usually covers 3% of the wedding budget. This covers the Locations fee, officiant fee, marriage license, musician’s fee, ring pillow, etc.

The reception usually covers 48% of the budget. Covering the reception site, food, drinks, rentals, cake, favors, etc.

The wedding attire will cover 10% of the budget. This covers everything that is involved with the clothing and accessories, jewelry, hair and make-up, shoes, etc.

The wedding rings will run 3% of the budget and flowers will run around 8%. Music is generally 8%, Photography is usually 12%, transportation is only 2%, stationary stands at 3%, and gifts for the attendants and out of town guests will run about 3%.

With a generalized idea of what percentage of funding goes towards what aspect of the wedding you will have an easier time predicting and utilizing your expenses. No matter who is paying for the wedding everyone involved will enjoy saving as much as possible and the bride and groom will enjoy getting the most for their money. With a healthy budget everyone will be pleased with the wedding planning.

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