DIY Wedding Favors Tips

There are lots of details you have to face when planning your wedding, but the fun and best part is making and creating the unique favors and little treats that make your guests feel special. Favors not only give he guests something to keep as a unique reminder of your beautiful day, but it gives them a small gift to enjoy and makes them feel important and appreciated for being there. Favors give your guests memorabilia from your special day.

With all of the bigger items and tasks that need to be dealt with throughout the wedding planning process it is understandable that details such as favors can be easily overlooked until the last minute. Try to do the exact opposite. From day one create a simple list of all the people that you know will be attending the service. Spend a few minutes to identify something you relate to those people and make a simple note on your list. Such as an Uncle who is a fireman, or a cousin who is a nurse.

Use the small details to create a simple, yet personalized, favor for each attending person. If your wedding planning is going to be a 10-12 month process, then dedicate one day per person for brainstorming, this only takes five minutes per day per person. This way you are separating the effort while making each favor as unique as the person it is going to.

If you can come up with a general favor design then you have an excellent starting point. Items such as magnets, photo coasters, and photo frames are very general items that can be personalized and customized to the individual attendee.

Come up with your bulk order favor item as early into the planning as possible. A great time to prepare your bulk purchase would be around the time you are receiving the RSVP cards. By that time you will have narrowed your favor item down to a final and will be ready to place your order once the attending tally has been made. Once your bulk items have arrived, let’s say you ordered the photo coasters for 50 guests, plus your 12 main attendants (brides maids and groomsmen), use your main guest/attendant list as your daily favor guide. After writing down one main theme per person, spend 5 minutes each day to create and personalize one photo coaster for the next person on your list.

If you have a color printer, and photo paper, you have your new best friend in this process. Let’s say you are on day 15 and you are making a coaster for your Uncle the firefighter. Search pictures online that represent a fireman’s job. Use a photo project program to create a unique layout using your picture and add words to the picture for personalization. This process will take 5 minutes or less per person and by splitting it up into small, daily increments it will seem effortless.

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