Basic Wedding Planning Advice

Weddings are one of the most expensive days of our lives. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are bled into one day of festivities and celebration. Although it is worth it, there are always simple changes that can be made in order to save you and your family a bit of money.

Start off simple. Once the general layout of the wedding is organized and your plan ideas are organized you now have the opportunity to reassess. Take this time and use it to your advantage.

Begin first by asking around. People you know can be your first line of defense against expensive alternatives in wedding requirements. The secret is asking for free or discounted assistance. Not only will you need extra hands to orchestrate the process but individual necessities will be needed. Think about the people you know that you have helped in the past, compare their respective profession to a task that may be of assistance to you. You may know a photographer, bartender, officiant, or flower boutique owner.

Focus only on what needs to be accomplished. Your time is precious so once a task is completed, such as purchasing a bridal gown, and the final steps are complete (fittings) leave it be. Once you know a task is complete; move on.

When it comes to your wedding accessories you have the power to save a bundle with small adjustments. If you plan to purchase gifts for the attendants try buying gifts that can be used during the wedding such as necklaces for bridesmaids or tie-pins for the groomsmen. Try making your own flower girl basket using an inexpensive wicker basket, paint it, and add fresh flowers the morning of the wedding. Use champagne flutes you already own. Even borrow a ring bearers pillow from a friend. Use your laser printer and print your own invitations from home. There are many resources for beautiful paper and envelopes in bulk quantities. Buy smaller Thank you notes and invitation cards to save on postage.

When choosing entertainment for the wedding consider hiring a DJ or just recording a pre-made CD that a friend can play during the reception. This can save an average of 500$ versus a band.

Deciding on a home wedding can save you thousands! Does a friend or family member have a lovely home or vacation home? Consider the savings of the big details as well as the small ones. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid to reconsider. Nothing is set in stone. But above all Have Fun!

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