How To Stay Calm and Plan a Great Wedding

Even though your wedding may very well be the best day of your life up until now, you may find that the day itself will be more enjoyable to look back on. Though a wedding can be beautiful and wonderful, the planning itself has caused many passive women to turn into what some people call “Bridezilla’s”.

This term stems from a woman that becomes so stressed by the process of planning her own wedding that she becomes a rigid, crazed, and argumentative counterpart to her former self. Wanting everything to go perfectly and becoming enraged if the slightest complication arises. We all know this term and we all wish not to deal with that nickname when planning our weddings, but it is all too easy to find your self over stressed and transforming, by the second, into Bridezilla.

The best idea is to avoid as much stress, during the process, as possible. This may seem impossible, but it is very easy to turn your frustrations over and try another route that is more peaceful. After all, you are planning the day of your life that is meant to display your deepest feelings of love and affection towards the one you love, so do you really want to spend the 6-12 months leading up to that day in a frenzied rage? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

First of all you need to start recognizing stress in yourself as it arises. Recognize the signs of stress and understand them. Identify and understand the sources of stress. Learn to manage controllable sources of stress. Learn to support yourself and cope with stress reactions to situations beyond your control. You need to know that we all have different triggers for stress, and with triggers are signs of manifesting stress, and they are as unique as we are.

From stomach aches to racing thoughts, these signs of stress can lead to over load, so recognize them, know your triggers. When they present themselves it is time to take a long, deep breath, and reassess the current situation. You know you are stressed in that moment, now you must find a calming trigger to reduce the inflamed stress feeling. By taking a breath and realizing that you do not want stress to manifest, you will be able to make better, smarter, and less spontaneous decisions regarding the most important day of your life.

You know stress is coming, it is just a part of it. But by being aware and prepared for it you have the awareness that will give you the strength to avoid most of it, or at least control it. Take a walk, call a soothing friend, go listen to a quick song on your car radio, but whatever you do, don’t let the stress take control. You already know from family and friend advice that something will go wrong but you do not have to give that your focus. By being prepared for the inevitable, and hitting back with calm preparedness, you will beat the stress, power through the planning, and reap the benefits of a wonderful wedding. Then all of the planning thoughts will melt away as you hop on that plane on your way to your honeymoon destination. Enjoy the ride in the planning process, don’t let it take control, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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