Choosing the Right Reception Entertainment

Choosing the most suitable and wonderful entertainment for your wedding reception is an extremely important aspect of planning for an amazing and endearingly memorable wedding reception. The overall mood of the reception itself can potentially be greatly influenced by the musical ensemble and the selection of songs that ensemble is going to provide for your appreciative guests to enjoy. It is up to you to decide if the music will inspire your guests to end the night with the lampshades on their heads or maintaining a more dignified ballroom aesthetic. In either case, your guests will appreciate your consideration of their sensory environment and the caring attention you have given to providing them with a wonderful musical experience.

It is important to first decide just exactly what kind of environment and mood you want to sculpt for your reception guests. Only then can you proceed to deciding on the type of entertainer best suited for the task at hand. Generally you will likely be choosing between a DJ or a band, or a mix of both, or even multiple bands and a DJ. The main difference between a band and a DJ is the live and potentially elaborate feeling of a band versus the ability of a DJ to play just about any popular song ever made as it is actually remembered by the guests. A band will sometimes be able to play a wide variety of popular songs, but it may be difficult to expect them to play your favorite pop RnB or club track as you expect it to sound. A good guideline to generally follow is to hire a DJ for all of your favorite pop songs and hire a “big band” or ethnic band for a more elegant injection of style. An MC, or “master of ceremonies”, is also a potentially wise addition if having multiple acts since a good MC can really keep a reception lively and on track. Often a DJ will double as a wedding MC and this won’t even need to be a separate consideration.

A good way to get through the decision process quickly and confidently is to essentially just sit down and plan out what songs you would like in your reception playlist. Some delicate care should go into sculpting the evening with attention to the potential for timing energetic peaks and deeply romantic moments. Obviously it is extremely important to pick the right song for your very special and romantically slow spotlight dance with your new life partner. It is also wise to pick a few songs that you know the majority of your guests will resonate with so that you can avert any potential lulls in crowd energy. The best song selections can resuscitate just about any dance floor and bring smiles to your reception guests.

Hopefully this has helped you better decide just what kind of entertainment you want to have at your wedding reception. Remember to enjoy the entire process as it is a celebration and should be enjoyable.

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