Wedding Help From Friends and Family

If you are looking for affordable wedding ideas, then perhaps one of the best things you may have already overlooked is the possibility of family and friends helping with items that they already have available. You may be surprised by what a friend or family member may have in storage or available for use from their place of work.


Tableware is one of the ways you can certainly save on while planning a wedding that you are arranging yourself. You certainly should not go out and buy something that is already available in a family member or close friend’s storage. Asking grandparents and other family members who have been collecting things for years is a great way to find tableware treasures hiding in the attic of a house somewhere. Some caterers may include tableware, although an additional fee may be involved. As a backup, think simple. Simple is much easier to make elegant than some patterns on basic tableware can be. Having tableware patterns that are perfectly aligned is obviously desirable, so skipping patterns altogether is recommended. A bouquet of flowers, or similar, at each table can provide all the visual accents you need to make an elegant feeling. Inexpensive glassware is also a good option, and can go nicely with a tablecloth featuring attractive patterns that can be seen through the transparent tableware.

Reception Location

You may be surprised by what locations are available through friends and family. Some people have nice homes or vacation property that they would happily host a wedding celebration in. This can be a really personal and cozy way to celebrate the occasion and is actually a more traditional way of celebrating a wedding reception. Some friends and family could also have a place available through their jobs or organizational affiliation. You may be really surprised at what is already available without any additional cost involved, although some may be available at a major discount of the normal cost.


Flowers are yet another way your friends and family members can help you ease your wedding costs. Should there be an avid gardener or similar, you can certainly ask if they might want to display their fine art to the world through your wedding celebration. It is likely that most people who truly love flowers are also lovers of weddings. A friend or family member may also even know a person who is a florist and may be able to get you a discount or possibly even some free flowers.


If there is one thing that friends and family can certainly help with, it is food for the wedding reception. You would be surprised by how many people are secretly hoping someone will ask for help with culinary artistry. Many people who love to cook also love to see people enjoying what they make. A wedding is a wonderful place for quiet gourmets to display their own art to a receptive audience. Your wedding could be the place where an undiscovered chef meets an owner of a five star restaurant.

Your wedding is an opportunity for friends and family to share what they do best. Share the joy and make it more affordable too.

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