Affordable Hotel and Resort Weddings

There are many ways of making a wedding more affordable without compromising on what a couple may actually be planning. One of the best ways is to find a hotel or resort that offers a package wedding plan, or even has multiple plans to choose from. Such package wedding plans can offer a major discount through a hotel, especially when accommodation for wedding guests is a consideration. This can also be especially convenient for guests traveling far to attend the wedding, as all of the wedding activities would be occurring on the hotel or resort grounds rather than in multiple places around a city or town.

So how does a hotel or resort handle providing all that is necessary for a proper wedding extravaganza? Some hotels and resorts actually have a wedding chapel available on the hotel grounds. This is likely to be a non-secular chapel, so there should be no concerns about religious affiliations associated with performing a ceremony at such a chapel. There are, of course, also reception halls at many hotels and the wedding guests staying the night at the hotel can essentially attend the entire wedding ceremony and reception without having to deal with traveling around a city they may not know so well. There is an additional bonus of safety for any wedding attendees who may have too much to drink at the reception to be able to properly operate a motor vehicle to safely drive someplace to stay the night.

Another nice aspect of larger hotels and resorts is the wonderful option of providing the necessary cuisine for your wedding guests to enjoy. The ability to cater a wedding reception properly is something many major hotels are certainly equipped for. The variety of styles of cuisine and chefs available at many major hotels is also a truly wonderful bonus of arranging a wedding in this way. Major hotels are generally accustomed to providing a broad range of dishes for hotel guests to enjoy. Additionally, hotels can provide all of the tableware and decorations for the wedding reception. Nice tables and tablecloths, in addition to wait staff and ushers, are also already something present at a major hotel or resort. Additionally, the hotel should be able to provide a full bar and bartender for the wedding reception guests to enjoy.

Another wonderful part of arranging a wedding through a major hotel or resort is that all or most of the flower arrangements for the wedding can also be provided by the hotel. Hotels and resorts are usually accustomed to providing a variety of flowers for a variety of occasions. Just about any wedding style can likely be accommodated by the floral department or contracted florist at a major hotel.

One of the best reasons to arrange a package wedding through a hotel is how easy it makes focusing on what is really important about a wedding ceremony. Let the hotel staff take care of everything and focus on enjoying the wedding. Thankfully, doing so can also make for a more affordable occasion.

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