Affordable Wedding Photography

Are you planning a wedding and looking for affordable ways to have the kind of wedding you truly want? There are many areas of wedding planning that can provide an opportunity to really spend or really save. One such area is in the wedding photography. Photography for your wedding does not need to cost a lot, especially in the modern era of digital photography with such an abundance of hobbyist photographers available. Let’s look at some of the ways you can save on your wedding photography.

Aspiring Photographers

Asking friends and family if any of them are aspiring photographers is a great way to allow such a photographer to really shine. It gives them an amazing opportunity to show their capability on a professional project. You will likely want to find more than one such budding photographer, and it may be good to place a listing in a local classified listing online or in a paper looking for more aspiring photographers. One really effective way to make sure the photographers you find will do their best at photographing your wedding celebration is by giving prizes for the best photography. To make sure each person feels appreciated, you may want to have a variety of prize categories ready to make each photographer feel equally appreciated for their personal style. The total cost of all of the prizes or cash awards need not be anywhere near the equivalent cost of hiring a professional photographer.

A Camera For All

One really fun and modern idea is giving everyone a disposable (or reusable) camera at the beginning of the wedding, prior to the start of the ceremony. Placing the cameras in a plain white box and having an usher at the door providing each person with a camera as they enter is one way to make sure each person gets a camera. You may also consider passing the box around if this seems easier. A way that is possibly more elegant is to have a small white gift box at each seat, each one containing a camera and also a small card to explain what to do with the camera. The basic concept is that everyone at your wedding is going to be a wedding photographer. This is a wonderful way to get the kind of dynamic and surprising photos that many wedding photographers actually dream of. Children, in particular, may photograph things other people would not have considered. At the wedding reception, make sure to have a place where people can place the camera after they have finished taking photos of your wedding. Now imagine the kind of photos you will get to see after taking these cameras in for prints. It is a really fun way to get photos you may have not seen any other way. Some professional photographers, and also aspiring amateurs, may actually edit the selection of photographs prior to showing you what is available for print. They want to look good to their peers and also likely have concepts about proper photographic composition. This kind of professionalism can possibly make some of your favorite wedding photographs disappear before even seeing them.

These are two really wonderful ways to get great wedding photos at an affordable cost. It may still be wise to hire a professional wedding photographer for doing your wedding portraits. Combining all of these concepts is likely the best way to ensure that you will have the kind of wedding photos you will later frame as a lasting memory of your romantic occasion.

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