Affordable Floral Ideas For Your Wedding

One of the ways that people can save money on a wedding plan is in the realm of the floral arrangements. Flowers play a big role in weddings of many cultures, and this certainly includes a traditional white wedding in Western society today. There are many bouquets used in most wedding ceremonies and also many floral decorations appearing throughout a proper wedding celebration. This can obviously be a rather important area for proper planning to ensure the best balance of affordability and floral romance. One certainly need not surrender a romantic scene for affordability, and here are some ways to make sure you have both.


Wildflowers are a wonderful way to decorate a wedding, especially for ceremonies happening spring and summer. A ridiculously romantic and affordable wedding can be had with the right blend of a quaint, yet picturesque, natural location and a small chapel or garden decorated with wildflowers. A simple white wooden arch covered in wildflowers can also make for a beautiful ceremonial location to exchange vows in a natural landscape. Daisies and other adorable wildflowers gracing a smiling bride in a simple garden ceremony can make for a truly romantic memory.

Silky Smooth

While natural flowers may be a preferable component of a proper wedding to some people, those who prefer convenience and savings will likely be happy to hear that silk flowers a good alternative. Even better on the affordability side is that silk flowers can actually be rented. Every bouquet and centerpiece, every floral decoration for both the ceremony and the reception, should be available for rent from a silk flower rental company. This presents an opportunity for more than just monetary savings, but also for making wedding planning and setup a much easier and more convenient process.

DIY Bouquets

One concept that many people planning a wedding may overlook when choosing flowers is ordering flowers in bulk and arranging their own bouquets. The bridesmaids or a variety of helpful wedding attendees can do this on the day before the wedding ceremony. It is certainly preferable to find a friend or family member with a background in floral design or at least some sort of gardening. Having a helper with a good sense of color and space is also likely beneficial. There are a plethora of tutorials online for learning how to arrange flowers in a variety of pleasing and also traditional ways. If you have a certain kind of bouquet planned already, then why not arrange it yourself. You can be guaranteed that it will be how you want it if you do.

Flower Gardens

Family and friends with flower gardens are certainly wonderful to have while planning an affordable wedding celebration. Many gardeners would actually welcome the opportunity to show their pride and joy to your wedding attendants. Let them do so by asking politely if they would like to share in the joy of wedding preparation festivities by bringing some appropriate bouquets and floral arrangements.
These are just some of the ways you can save money on your wedding day floral decorations and bouquets. Hopefully it is a good start to making a more affordable and romantic occasion.

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