Group Discounts for Wedding Party and Family

Did you know that you can often get discounts for things like group purchases? You could also get freebies if all your purchases total over a certain dollar amount. It is good to ask if they have these type of promotions, even if it the particular promotion is not displayed in the catalog, website or a sign in the store.

Some bridal shop locations tend to give discounts on shoes and other accessories if you purchase your wedding gown from them. Even some tuxedo rental places will give a free tuxedo rental for the groom if a certain number of groomsmen are going to be in the wedding party.

Even some privately owned shops may give you a discount if you can learn to wheel and deal. Don’t be afraid to be a little assertive. Even if they only give you a 5 to 10% discount, a little savings here and there from different vendors will help you in the long run.

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