Improper Receptions

Proper smoper….The reception is the most expensive part of your wedding planning and you should do everything possible to keep your reception costs down within reason. To save money, sometimes you need to forget what is the proper thing to do. Sometimes the proper thing will cost you hundreds of dollars more than if you just do what is nice but not so proper. For example, a formal wedding usually goes with a formal reception. Formal receptions can cost more because it is proper to use real plates, silverware, real linen, waiters and real food (the non-finger variety). I say it is OK to somewhat forget the proper thing. Why not have a buffet, with clear fancy plastic silverware and plates and fancy paper linen? Why? Who says you need to break the bank. Maybe you should have a fun reception to contrast with the more formal wedding? Why not? You can go even further and fire the photographer and have guests snap pictures with their disposable cameras you’ve placed on each table at the wedding reception. You see what I’m getting at?

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Filed under: Receptions — vicky at 10:40 pm on Friday, March 3, 2006