Destination Weddings Negril Part 1

Negril JamaicaAhhh, a Negril wedding. Not only is Negril, Jamaica one of the destinations that couples like to journey to on their honeymoon getaway, it is also a place where couples can tie the knot. Jamaica’s paradise gives the perfect backdrop for the most picturesque ceremonies.

Some negril resorts give free or reduced priced weddings for couples that book with them. I am very cheap, so I set out to find resorts where I could get a photographer, cake, officiant, bridal boquet and romantic dinner for two for under $800. Can it be done or am I living in a dream world? Let’s see.

Now, I am not taking any responsibility for the prices that I post here, because prices are subject to change. I definitely can’t promise anyting about their quality. We’re focusing on prices for now.
Now that junk is out of the way. Let’s see.

Couple’s Resorts seem to be reasonable with their prices. For example, they offer photography for under $400 as posted on their website. Here is the price breakdown if I went with what I wanted above.

The photographer – $300

Cake -FREE (2-tiered)
Officiant – FREE

Bridal Bouquet – FREE or $30 for an upgraded bridal bouquet
Administration/ Marriage Certificate fee – $200

Private Dinner – $150

So that’s $680 not including the resort stay. Not too bad if you ask me. You also get free massages, a bottle of wine, free t-shirts and a free wedding coordinator. Not a bad deal. In part 2 we’ll look at some other negril resorts and their wedding package prices.

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