Destination Weddings Negril Part 2

Negril weddings can be simple and very romantic at the same time. Well, this was the feeling I got when I reviewed the site


Anything is subject to change. From what the site states, they have wedding packages starting at $700 on up. It is a little extra for the fancier stuff. For example, if you want a 2 or 3 layered cake it is $200 to $400 extra. Personally, I think all wedding cakes should be at least 3 layers, but that is just me. I don’t care if it were just me and my new husband. I would share the cake with the locals just to have an excuse to have a purty cake.


Unfortunately, photography is not included in the basic wedding package. But it is very reasonable considering that you get to keep the negatives. Prices range around $120 to $360. Hopefully the pictures come out a little better than some of the ones on the website. Did I say that?? I’m not saying the photographer is bad. Website pictures are often not as good as the real counterparts. I’m just saying you need to give them a call andask some questions about their photographer. Ya know?

Bad Weather

They don’t appear to have a bad weather contigency plan. Most sites will definitely mention this if they happen to have one. Don’t quote me on it though. Give them a call or email them to make sure.


You need 50% up front to reserve the date and the full balance one week before the wedding. That’s a liitle steep for cheap me, but most destination wedding places require that. I’d prefer 25%. That’s just me.
The Resort

I am biased towards beachfront villas for honeymoons, because of the privacy aspect. Think about it. What are you going to be doing the first few days after you get married? :)

They have a honeymoon package which includes a fruit basket, wine and dinner for two and a sunset cruise to Rick’s Cafe. A free sunset cruise is what I like the most. Hey folks, how about a free massage with that! Just kidding. I think. Anyway, I just love riding on the water and viewing the not-so-polluted blue water and purty beaches. And the multicolored, sunset-bronzed sky just takes you to another place. Ahh, the beauty.

They have differing floorplans and prices to go with them. I am cheap, so I personally would go with a mid to low (but not too low) priced one. They show you how they look inside and they all look fairly nice. The penthouse has a balcony to the bedroom. I don’t know if its an oceanview or not, but it is cute nonetheless.

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