Greedy Wedding Coordinators

Of course, you say. Why should you not pick one that cares. It is not as easy as one thinks. What seems like a caring wedding coordinator may just be a greedy one. A lot of times, greed is disguised as thoughtfulness. Ohhh…. you say, my wedding coordinator just wants to make sure everything is covered. Let me ask you this. Does she constantly pressure you to get the higher priced items, although you have constantly insisted that you do not need or want them? Does she sort of pick out wedding vendors without shopping around for you? What about your budget? Is that her main concern, or is she trying to push your wedding costs as high as she can without exceeding your budget?

On the other hand…

You could be the culprit if you want fancy this and fancy that. You can’t have a Donald Trump wedding on a Fred Sanford budget. It still can be cute, but no where near as extravagant and luxurious as a Donald Trump wedding. If you are sure you have been reasonable with want you want and you have the above problems, then maybe you need to find a new wedding coordinator. You want to be happy on your wedding day, not worried about finances.

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