Sponsored Weddings

Could it be that you can get a 20,000 dollar wedding while paying less than half of the amount? Wedding costs are soaring so brides are finding ways to pay less. Some wedding vendors will sponsor a wedding in exchange for exposure at the bride’s wedding. I myself am building a website for a wedding coordinator to offset some of the cost. I also am allowing my wedding decorator to set up a table at my wedding with her cards and brochures. Some brides may become afraid when asking about sponsoring a wedding, but it never hurts to try. Tell them that you would allow them some publicity at your wedding and see what ideas that they might come up with. I even heard of a bride doing some accounting work in exchange for a reduced priced on her floral arrangements. Of course, they can’t sponsor every wedding, but you never know until you try. Look for something they may need, or even ask them. You could ask them if you can get something for referrals. It may not come in the form of extra cash, it may come in the form of them throwning in extras like a few more pictures or a few more wedding coordinating services. Every little bit helps.

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