No Frills Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are still popular and many wedding packages are still available to meet the wishes of brides. How about a ceremony with just the two of you against a sunset bronzed sky.

A no frills beach wedding can be just as romantic as it is cheap, but any type of wedding can get out of hand with costs. For the most part, beach weddings packages can be as inexpensive as $500….maybe less. Be aware that there are no frills with these type of wedding packages. But if you want something nice yet low-cost, this may be the way to go. If you really want a no-frills beach wedding you may not want to spend much on anything, but it may be wise to spend a little extra money on a professional photographer so your pictures will not be something you’ll put under the mattress.

The other “major” costs with a no-frills wedding may include your wedding attire and travel costs. Don’t splurge on a wedding dress in a no-frills beach wedding, unless you “have-to”. If you just need to buy a brand new $1800 wedding dress, then by all means, do it. I’m just saying it may be a little much for a small intimate wedding. If you are cheap like me, you may want to either borrow or rent a wedding dress. You can also look for the $99 deals at David’s Bridal. Men on the other hand are lucky, because all they have to do is rent their tux at somewhere like Men’s Wearhouse and then they are done.

The travel costs to your beach wedding location could make your beach wedding just as expensive as a traditional church wedding. Try to have your beach wedding near your honeymoon location in order to cut down on costs. Check to see if the hotel hosts beach weddings on the cheap for guests. You can also see if there is some nearby beach wedding planning service that will host it even cheaper. The obvious way to cut down on travel costs is to book it way in advance and go to a site like, or

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