Honeymoons – Saving Money on Romance

A honeymoon’s largest expenses are usually the hotel and travel expenses. But how about the small things? Little goodies here and there are usually the culprit when it comes to your wallet feeling a little too light. It is natural to allocate too little for miscellaneous expenses. Only the most meticulous will usually have an accurate picture of how high costs will rise.

Eating out is a big expense you can easily cut down by substituing a few breakfast and lunches with eating in your hotel room. They could even be leftovers from your wedding reception, if you are not going far to your honeymoon destination. Most hotels that are suitable for honeymoons usually carry a fridge and a microwave, so saving and reheating may not be a problem. Some even include a full kitchen. Remember to carry a cooler with a few snacks and drinks to keep you from running to a restaurant each time your stomach grumbles. And the cooler could also transport your leftovers from your reception. OK… I know it is tacky, but it works. You won’t believe how much you’ll save. You’re more likely will eat out at night and saving a few dollars on lunch or breakfast can free up more money for a romantic dinner.

You could also save on honeymoon expenses by booking a high end hotel the first night and then a lower priced one for the nights thereafter. I’m not talking about your basic $60 economy hotel, but a less extravagant one. For example, instead of continuing to stay in the one bedroom jacuzzi suite with the view of the ocean, you could book a jr. suite at another nice hotel or at the one you are booked with. It could save you a couple hundred dollars.

But make sure to check to see if there is a discount for a multiple night booking. If there is, you may have to compare the cost-savings of switching to a lower-priced room to the cost-savings of booking the room multiple nights. You should also check to see if the room is lower during the week.

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