Weddingsaffordable.com is an alter website of a wedding planner who secretly loves wedding-themed porn. Ricardo M is a seasoned wedding planner whose events are considered as masterpieces. For him, weddings can trigger different emotions for both the groom and the bride. It also affects the attendees. The sexual tension is always present, and Ricardo capitalizes on this to plan beautiful weddings.

A journal, blog site, and information website. These are the main themes of weddingsaffordable.com. You will find assorted articles that talk about how sexy weddings are, wedding-themed porn, and other related content. The website also features adult products that would appeal to newlyweds, or to anyone who is looking to spice up their relationships.

Ricardo’s secret still remains, but he will always be a great wedding planner while he satisfies us with steamy content on this blog which has always been the goal of the website.