How to wear butt plugs like a part of your fashion statement?

Butt plugs have earned quite a name for themselves in the adult toy industry. But, do you know they have created a storm in the fashion scene as well? Yes, sounds shocking, but true. Put simply, the use of butt plugs is no longer limited to backdoor fun only. The butt plug industry is getting more advanced in leaps and bounds and has come up with some really stylish designs that you love to flaunt. The post below offers a brief on how butt plugs could be a part of fashion statement.

Butt plugs and Paris Fashion Week 2015

When it comes to flaunting an adult toy (which is generally considered as a taboo) as a fashion statement, it needs immense guts and self-confidence. And the man who pleasantly surprised us with such powerful confidence was eminent fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. Famous for dramatic flair and Avant Garde panache, the designer created a roar in Paris Fashion Week with butt plug adornments back in 2015.

Beirendonck’s collection in 2015 Fashion Week was an artistic take on the protest of censorship and terrorism in Paris the past year that left the whole world in shock. His fashion statement was inspired by Paul McCarthy’s “Tree” that was vandalized back in 2014 in Paris given its resemblance to a huge butt plug.

When fashion designers and artists themselves don’t shy away from flaunting butt plugs as style statements, is there any need for us to act coy with our favorite toy? Certainly not. Here is a brief on how you can incorporate butt plugs in your personal style statement.

Butt plugs as pendants

One thing for sure- butt plugs are really cute. The tear-drop shaped head looks very stylish and the glass ones look the most fascinating of all. In fact, had these not been adult toys, they would have long been embraced by the fashion world in all their glory.

How about butt plugs as pendants? Don’t you think a soft black silicone butt plug pendant would look cool with your polka dot dress? You surely do. In fact, you will find the butt plugs today in various amazing shades, ranging from hot pink to cool blue. Thus, you have a wide range of options for pendant colors to match with your various shades of attires.

If it’s okay for you, you can also use metal butt plugs as pendants.

Bracelet charm

If you wish to give your plain bracelet band a jazzy makeover, pair it with a lovely dangling butt plug. If you are bold enough to do this, you are going to turn a lot of heads in your upcoming party. In fact, you can also use the butt plug (as charm) with bracelets that are adorned with multiple mini charms.

Silicone plugs would be the best thing here as these are soft and light.

Butt plug choker

How would you like to have a warm bushy choker around your neck when you go out for winter night parties? Sounds amazing, right? Well, you can totally use the plug tails to create your bushy choker necklace here. They will duly complement your fur coats or jackets. You can keep the plug part behind your neck if you wish for a subtle plug style statement. Go for bushy raccoon or fox tails here.

Pocket charm

Do you love to adorn your front pocket? You must get roses or satin handkerchiefs for your pocket every time you head for a party. That’s cool, but would you mind some little experimentation? Well, if you are bold enough, you might try out princess plugs as your pocket charms. Just insert the plug body inside and let the crystal shine from the top of your pocket. With the main part of the toy inside, you will have your needed subtle discretion.

Handbag charm

Women love to deck up their handbags just the way they wish to embellish themselves. No wonder, handbag key charms are in huge demand today. How about using a butt plug as handbag key charm? Sounds strange, right? Well, just think about it objectively. You do know that butt plugs are extremely stylish. So, don’t you think they would amp up the style quotient of your favorite handbag in no time? You surely do.

You can go for the plugs that come with a ring-shaped base. This way, you can slip your key ring into the butt plug ring and flaunt it like a fashion pro. You can use a glass or metal butt plug here.

Home decoration

Fashion and style aren’t limited to clothes and shoes only. A person who holds an aesthetic outlook towards life, prefers to maintain the same stance in every aspect of his or her lifestyle. Home décor is certainly a big thing for fashionistas. And butt plugs would be a fantastic accessory to get your home a mini glam makeover.

If you wish to go all subtle, count on princess butt plugs. These plugs come with a sparkling stone at their base. You must have your bowl of marbles decking up the center table of your drawing or living room. Now, all you will need to do is to immerse a princess plug into the bowl of marbles. Keep it in a tilted form in such a way so that the stone stays upward. Now, cover the rest of the plug with marbles and let the plug shine in the midst of those glass pebbles to fill up your room with sparkling glory. It’s certainly going to be a big conversation starter the next time you host an in-house party at your home.

Another idea would be to style up your home with pet play butt plugs. Get those plugs that come with colorful tails in bright shades. Do you have white or light colored vases at your home? Well, in that case, you can wind these colorful plug tails around the base of the vase to brighten up the whole scene. If you want discretion, you can place the plug part behind the vase.

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