People Are Searching For Wedding Dress Sex

We think of wedding as the stuff of romantic fantasy, but turns out it’s also the fantasy of a much more X-rated nature, too. Pornhub Insights recently tracked the popularity of wedding porn searches… and damn were there a lot of them.

I mean, it doesn’t surprise me. There is no porn search too niche. If you want to see specifically a bride on her third marriage having her hair combed by a donkey while she gives a foot job, it probably exists. I mean, I’m sure it does. I haven’t checked. Now I kind of want to check. I mean, my browser history is already completely screwed.

But really every single variant of wedding porn seems to exist. And it makes sense — as a lot of porn focuses around transgressive dynamics, the idea of someone who’s just committed their entire life (and body) to someone else is certainly ‘off limits’ and probably has a huge appeal. Unless people are actually just searching for videos of newlyweds having sex, but my guess would be that’s just not the case.

You can check out all of the data on Pornhub Insights, but there were some pretty amazing facts in there. Like the stat that men were 34 percent more likely than women to search for wedding porn. Who’d have thought? But there’s way more. Here are seven things you should know about wedding porn, because you’re not the only one dreaming of your wedding dress:

1. Cheating Brides Are Really Popular

OK, so “wedding” was the most popular search related to wedding, no surprise there. But second was “cheating bride”— remember what I said about the transgressive thing? Also a shoutout to “wedding orgy” searches, for those who really dare to dream.

2. Men REALLY Like Wedding Dresses

Wow. Can you look at that for a second — men were 408 percent more likely to search for wedding dresses than women. That’s four times as many! They’re dying to say yes to the dress.

3. We Go To Brides When Strippers Fail Us

I thought this was really interesting. People browse around a lot to find the perfect video, and the most popular search before a wedding search was “real stripper” and a few other stripper-related searches. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that “nun” was also in that list. Nun, then bride. Natural conclusion.

4. It’s More Popular During Wedding Season

As Pornhub explains, “According to Bridal Guide, the most popular months to hold a wedding are June and September. We also found that wedding related searches on Pornhub were highest in September 2015 and June of 2016.” Coincidence? I think not.

5. It’s Most Popular In South Dakota

South Dakota had the most wedding searches, followed closely by Vermont and Nebraska.

6. It’s Least Popular In Florida

Meanwhile, Florida was the least likely place to search for weddings, followed by Georgia and Delaware. I can’t imagine what would make it more or less popular in each state, but there’s definitely a difference.

7. It’s Most Popular At This Age

OK, this is interesting. When it came to age groups, you were far more likely to view it in the 25 to 34 age range. Now, to me that sounds like exactly the same age people starts to go nuts about getting married. Interestingly, from there the popularity falls the older you get. All I’m saying is when you’ve got society forcing you to have marriage on the brain, it can come out in some pretty interesting ways.