Tips on Having Great Sex on Wedding Night After Marriage:

Your wedding night is special, and the sex should be too. See FHM on how marriage changes people’s sex life. Even if you have had sex many times before your wedding, sex after marriage is different—many people see it as being more serious, more special and even more fun. Your goal for the wedding night sex should create beautiful memories which you remember for the rest of your life. Here are a few ideas for those who are just getting married, and no, it doesn’t just involve using kegel balls to improve sex or any other natural yoni eggs. You deserve more than that.

Part 1: Tips for Wedding Night Sex After Marriage

Spark the romance. Do whatever you can to make them feel wanted and needed. Now is the time to romance them like never before! Dish out the compliments, set the stage and do the things you know they love. Romance is different for each person, but it’s safe to say that focusing entirely on each other is the key.

Express your love. Tell your partner how you feel about them. Tell them what you love about them, what you loved about the wedding day, and how you can’t wait to see how your life together unfolds. Hold hands, kiss, cuddle and simply breathe in each other as you prepare for a wonderful night together.

Set the mood. After the big wedding day, now is the time to slow down and enjoy each other. Make that easier by lighting candles, opening a bottle of champagne, sprinkling rose petals on the bed and scenting the air with a favorite perfume.

Set the music for the night. Have “your song” playing as you walk in the door. Choose a playlist that will bring back great memories for both of you. It could even be the same playlist you choose for your reception, assuming that you have plenty of slow, sexy songs there.

Wear something sexy. Keep things hot by choosing something sexy your partner has never seen before, and wear it to the wedding bed. This can be anything from a soft, silky robe to hot lingerie that is sure to get his blood boiling.

Keep the passion alive. For those who have already had sex many times before the wedding night, you probably know that wedding night sex after marriage can become boring if you don’t put effort into it. Make a point of doing something new and exciting on your wedding night. You can discuss it with your partner before the wedding and come up with something you will both be delighted to experience.

Prepare your body for sexual pleasure. Spend a great deal of time on foreplay so that when it’s time to do the deed, your body will be ready. This matters both for those who have already had sex and for those who are virgins. If you have never had sex before, study up on what to expect before the big night, and talk to your new spouse about going slow.

Have a romantic bath. Both of you can relax in a bathtub made for two. Remember to use bath oils for a lovely scent, candles instead of overhead lights, and take time to clean each other with the bubbles. It’s great foreplay!

Get massages. Invite someone else into the suite for just an hour – just long enough to get massages! The massage can relax both of you from a sometimes-tense day and get you prepared for the night ahead.

Let him carry you. Being swept across the threshold of the bedroom is a wonderful part of the wedding end, and it’s something that can make him feel powerful. If he can carry you into the bedroom, let him do so and smile as he lays you gently on the bed.

Part 2: Things That Will Ruin Your Wedding Night Sex After Marriage

Don’t drink too much. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to feel bad when you get back to your room. You might even be too drunk or too hungover to truly enjoy the night, and that’s not good!

Don’t jump right into it. Simply going straight to the sex doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy yourself. Instead, spend a few minutes with each other, just talking about the day and about what you both experienced. This will help relax you.
Don’t expect passion immediately. One of you might be very tired after a long day. You might feel awful from too much food, your feet hurt from dancing, your back hurts from standing…all of those things lead to lowered libidos. Just take your time until you are both ready to go.
Ask someone else to handle wedding details. Don’t worry about the gifts, the cleanup or anything else. Ask someone in your family or wedding party to handle all those details for you, so you can both just relax on your special night.
Never have your stag parties before the wedding day. This is a huge no-no! You want to get a lot of rest the night before the wedding, as much as you possibly can. This gives you the energy to get through the wedding and to get to the fun stuff at night!

Don’t let stress get to you. Remember to let all the stress go before you walk into the honeymoon suite. After all, it’s been a long day. Even though it was exciting, it was also taxing to get through! Now is the time to let the stress vanish, so you can focus on your partner and your new life together. Just relax and enjoy your wedding night sex after marriage, which will definitely leads you to different experiences.